Call to Worship: Luke 6: 20-26

Here’s a call to worship based on the Beatitudes (Luke 6: 20-26; Matthew 5: 3-12).  It was written by Sidney D. Fowler.

Call to Worship
(Luke 6: 20-26)

In Luke's gospel, Jesus called together the disciples
and a great multitude to a level place.
There he touched, healed, and taught.
There he spoke, "Blessed are…"
There he named the blessed—the saints of the faith.

O God, call us together as you did those so long ago
to discover your blessed people.
Today, in this place, Christ gather us.

Let us remember, confess, celebrate, and embody
the blessed saints of God.
Christ, come among us. Alleluia!

—written by Sidney D. Fowler in The Blessed Ones: A Celebration for All Saints Day, on the website of the United Church of Christ.