Call to Worship: Joshua 24

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Joshua 24, one of the scripture texts for Proper 27A (November 6, 2011).  It was written by Nancy Townley.

Call to Worship
(based on Joshua 24: 1-3, 14-25)

We are pulled in many directions.
Many duties and tasks seek to lay claim on our lives.
This day, in this place, let service to God be your choice.
This day, in this place, we open our hearts and spirits to God.
Blessed be the God of creation who has called us here.
Praise be to God who sustains and nurtures our lives. Amen.

— written by Nancy C. Townley, and posted on the Worship Connection page of the Ministry Matters website. Visit there for other great suggestions for worship on November 6, 2011.