Oct 24, 2011

Benediction: Matthew 25: 1-13

Here are words of sending and benediction based on Matthew 25: 1-13, the gospel reading for Proper 27A (November 6, 2011). 

(based on Matthew 25: 1-13)

In the presence of the Lord
we have reflected on his words
about the wisdom of vigilance.
What are we, foolish or wise?
Probably a bit of the two:
foolish when we sin,
wise when we are vigilant
and try to live a bit like Jesus
and to put his words into practice.

May almighty God keep you vigilant and wise
and bless you: the Father, and the + Son,
and the Holy Spirit.

Go in the peace of the Lord,
and may he keep you always faithful.
Thanks be to God!