Sep 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Prayer

God of all goodness,
we give you praise and thanks for all the blessings of this life.
We are grateful for
     the gift of food,
       and the opportunity we have to feed others in your name;
     the blessing of shelter,
       and the challenge before us to care for the homeless;
     the love of friends and family,
       and your call to love those who are lost and alone;
     the fellowship of the church,
       and the presence of Christ in the lives of our needy brothers and sisters.
You have given us much, Holy Lord, and you expect much of us.
Help us to accept your blessings and your challenges with gratitude,
    and may we find that, through your grace,
       blessings become challenges and challenges become blessings.

— from Bread for the World’s Banquet of Praise. 

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