Responsive Call to Worship for Thanksgiving

Here’s a Call to Worship for Thanksgiving Day, written by Rev. Thomas Weitzel.

Thanksgiving Call to Worship

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
God's steadfast love endures forever.
Give thanks to the Lord and call upon his name.
Make known God's deeds among the peoples!
God blesses us with gifts of love:
with food and clothing, home and family.
God blesses us with daily work:
and all we need from day to day.
God protects us in time of danger:
and guards us from every evil.
God calls us into relationship with him:
and forms us into one holy people,
the Church of Jesus Christ in this place.
Therefore shall we offer thanks and praise to the Lord our God.
O Lord our God, we will give thanks to you forever.

— from A Service for the Eve of Thanksgiving written by the Rev. Thomas L. Weitzel, a pastor of the ELCA, and posted on Liturgy by TLW. 

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