Sep 21, 2011

Prayer: Psalm 81

Here’s a prayer of adoration and confession written by Jeff Shrowder.  It’s based on Psalm 81:1, 10-16. 

Prayer of Adoration and Confession
(based on Psalm 81: 1, 10-16)

O God, our strength, we shout our joy;
we shout in triumph to the God of Jacob.
You are the LORD our God,
you brought us up out of a living death;
and filled our wide open mouths.
At times our history we have not heard your voice;
and at times we did not want to hear it.
We have been stubborn
and you have left us to our own devices.
But you long for us to listen to you;
and to walk in your ways.
You long for us to allow you to stand between us
and the things that weigh down our lives;
to turn your hand against them.
All that are against you would knuckle under;
and their time would be over for ever.
You would feed us with the best bread;
and with the purest honey you would satisfy us.

— Copyright © Jeff Shrowder 2001.  Posted on the Billabong website. Free to use in worship, with acknowledgement.