Sep 21, 2011

Prayer of Petition: Psalm 80

Here’s a prayer of petition based on Psalm 80, written by Jeff Shrowder (The Billabong). Visit that site for other great lectionary-based resources for worship.

Prayer of Petition
(based on Psalm 80)

Shepherd of your flock, hear us;
you who are seated in majesty, let your glory shine.
When the time was ready you nurtured a new vine;
quickly it took root, it grew and spread.
It covered the land and crossed many rivers
even the sea could not stop it.
But now it is open to assault;
outsiders pick its fruit,
like wild animals the world tramples on it;
its fruitfulness and vigour are gone.

LORD God, sovereign of all that is, come close to us;
see what has happened to your vine.
See how it perishes,
how it is being persecuted, even burned.
Protect your faithful one,
the one whom you made strong for your service.
Strengthen our desire to be faithful;
save us so that we may shout your praises.
O LORD, God of hosts, revive us;
and by your presence save us.

— Copyright © Jeff Shrowder 2001.  Posted on the Billabong website.  Free to use in worship, with acknowledgement.