Prayer for Others

Here’s a prayer of intercession written by Bruce Prewer, and posted on his website, Bruce Prewer’s Homepage.

Holy Friend,
health of the sick, comfort of the sad, rebuke of the oppressor,
judge of the greedy, hope of the repentant, friend of the downtrodden; 
    in prayer we lift up to you this world with its outrageous injustices
    yet also its outpouring of human kindness from ordinary people.

Loving God, let your blessing be upon those
   who serve their neighbours without thought of reward,
   who forgive their enemies seventy times seven,
   who care for broken strangers as if they were dearest friends,
   who weep with the bereaved as if they were sisters,
   who heal the diseased not counting the risk to themselves

Let your blessing encourage those
   who work for peace when the only result seems to be more violence,
   who preach and live the Gospel in the face of persecution,
   who feed the hungry although their efforts get misinterpreted,
   who stand up for the downtrodden in spite of public scorn,
   and who maintain the church when those around belittle it.

Holy Friend,
   please reach out your hand over each of us gathered here now,
   that our faith may be enlarged and fortified,
   our vision enlightened and extended,
   and our compassion refreshed and widened.

Through Jesus of Nazareth,
   whose love was good enough for the simple,
   too much for the proud and powerful,
   and absolutely amazing for all who shared his cup.

Posted on Bruce Prewer’s Homepage. Visit his site for many other excellent worship resources. 

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