Opening Prayer: Matthew 22: 1-14

Here’s an opening prayer based on Matthew 22:1-14 and Psalm 23, two of the suggested scripture readings for October 9, 2011 (Proper 23A, Ordinary 28A).

Opening Prayer: Invitation to the Banquet
(based on Psalm 23 and Matthew 22: 1-14)

Gracious God,
in love You open wide the doors
and welcome us into Your presence—
saints and sinners alike.
You spread a table before us,
filled with the richest fare—
a feast of love and mercy
for the body and soul.

We come with joy to meet You here,
to eat and drink at Your table,
to taste and see Your goodness,
to celebrate Your grace and mercy in our lives.

May Your Spirit inspire our praise and thanksgiving,
our prayers and petitions
as we worship together in Your presence.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our host and Lord,

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