Sep 29, 2011

Confession: Exodus 32: 1-14

Here’s an act of confession based on Exodus 32:1-14—the story of when the people of Israel, tired of waiting for Moses, made themselves a golden calf to worship. The prayer was written by Nancy Townley.

Prayer of Confession

Confession is not an easy or a pleasant thing to do.
We would like to think that we have been good and faithful disciples,
following your way.
But we know in our hearts the many ways in which
we have turned our backs on you and rejected your will for us.
Like the people in the wilderness,
we create for ourselves idols and worship them,
only to discover their shallowness and emptiness for our lives.
And we wonder what went wrong.
Stop us in our tracks, O Lord.
Help us to be open to your will for our lives.
We know what you want us to do.
Give us the persistence and the courage to do your will.
Heal us from our wayward actions and attitudes.
Remind us that we must reach out to others in compassion and peace.
Merciful God, come to us this day with your healing power
and help us again to be your disciples,
offering hope and peace to your hurting and wounded world.
In Jesus’ Name, we pray. Amen.

Words of Assurance

God, who has never strayed from you, is with you.
God will heal your hearts and direct your steps.
Place your life in God’s loving care. Amen.

—Nancy Townley, on the Ministry Matters website.