Sep 5, 2017

Readers' Theatre: Romans 13: 8-14

Here is a readers’ theatre setting of Romans 13: 8-14, one of the suggested scripture texts for September 4, 2011 (the twelfth Sunday after Pentecost).

Readers’ Theatre
(based on Romans 13: 8-14)

One:     Brothers and sisters,
            don’t owe anyone anything—
            with one exception:  love.
            Love is a debt which never ends,
            because love fulfills all the requirements of God’s law.
            For the commands given in Scripture say:

Two:    Do not commit adultery,
            do not murder,
            do not take what is not yours,
            do not envy your neighbour.

One:     These commands, and others like them,
            can all be summed up in this one commandment:

Two:    Love your neighbour as yourself.

One:     Love does no wrong to others.
            In fact, love achieves everything the law requires.

Two:    This is all the more urgent,
            because of the times we are living in.
            It is time to wake up and see what is right before your eyes.
            Salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.

One:     The night is almost over,
            and the day of salvation will soon be here.

Two:    So remove the deeds of your old, dark life like dirty clothes,
            and put on the shining armor of right living.
            We belong to the day,
            so we should live lives of decency and goodness for all to see.

One:     Don’t fall into patterns of dark living:
            wild parties, drunkenness, sexual depravity,
            immoral living, quarreling and jealousy.

Two:    Instead, clothe yourselves with the presence
            of the Lord Jesus Christ,
            putting aside thoughts of how to indulge your sinful desires.

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