Prayer of Thanksgiving: Psalm 105

Prayer of Praise and Thanksgiving

(based on Psalm 105)


God, we praise You!

We gather together to worship You,

to remember the goodness and unfailing love

You have shown toward us, Your people. 


Time after time, You have come to our rescue.

Your love has sustained us through good times and bad.

No matter what we faced —

whether accident, illness, disappointment or death —

You were there, encouraging, strengthening, and blessing. 


Even when we turned our back on You,

You didn’t abandon us,

but waited patiently for us to return,

ready to welcome us with open arms.  


Because we have known Your love in the past,

we look to the days ahead without fear.

No matter how uncertain the future may seem,

we will continue to trust in Your unfailing love,

confident that You will guide us in the days ahead

as You have guided us in the past. 




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