Prayer of Confession: Renew and Transform Us

Prayer of Confession
(based on Matthew 5: 38-48, Romans 12: 9-21)

Merciful God,
We confess that we have not always lived up to the example
set by Your Son, Jesus Christ.
In Your mercy, hear our prayer of confession.

We confess how difficult it is to truly love the people around us;
to care as deeply for their well-being as for our own,
to delight in their good fortune without feeling envious.
Forgive us.
Teach us to whole-heartedly love one another.

We confess how often we act out of our own self-interest;
putting our needs and desires ahead of the needs of others,
hoarding our resources rather than sharing them freely.
Forgive us.
Teach us to live with generosity and compassion.

We confess how easy it is to do what we know is wrong:
to rationalize our bad decisions and behaviours,
to make excuses for our hurtful words and actions.
Forgive us.
Teach us to turn away from what is wrong and pursue what is right.

We confess that we find it very difficult to love our enemies:
to pray for their well-being,
to act in their best interests,
to leave thoughts of vengeance behind.
Forgive us.
Teach us to love even those who hurt or offend us.

You call us to turn away from the behaviours and attitudes
of the world around us;
and to be renewed and transformed by Your grace at work in our lives.
Through Your Holy Spirit,
continue the work that You have begun in us,
so that our words and deeds may bring honour and glory to You.

In Jesus’ name we pray,