Aug 28, 2011

Confession & Commitment: Ps. 119: 33-40

Here’s a prayer of confession and commitment based on Psalm 119:33-40. 

Prayer of Confession & Commitment
(based on Psalm 119: 33-40)

we long to follow You,
   to walk in the way that You have shown us;
   to know Your commandments, and to practice them whole-heartedly.

But we confess that we are easily distracted,
   lured away by our own interests and desires,
   enticed by the attitudes and practices of the world around us.

Forgive us.
Turn our eyes away from the things that distract us from Your way—
   from the attitudes and behaviours that sidetrack us
   from our desire to know You better and follow You more closely.
Give us a hunger for Your Word and Your ways.
Show us where true life and happiness are found—
   in knowing and doing Your will. Amen.