Approach & Confession: Exodus 3: 1-15

(based on Exodus 3: 1-15)

God of fire,
You are a force beyond human understanding,
with the power
to sear through the veins of creation
with passion and vigour,
or to extinguish life in consuming flame.
Your presence is dangerous
for there is no predicting
where you might burn,
and yet comforting
for the light and warmth
offer an invitation to draw closer.

Redeeming God,
out of the flames of your creation,
your voice calls,
marking us as your own.
Yet there are times
when we choose to ignore your voice,
and listen instead to our own needs and desires
and those that challenge our faith
from within the world.
Forgive us for those times;
when we have ignored the needs of others;
when we have failed to place our feet upon your path;
when we allow the earthly voice to distract us from your call.


Loving Lord,
in your forgiveness
you offer again your invitation
to know your love,
to be loved,
and to respond to your call.
In hearing your voice
may we find our place
within your creation.

—written by Rev. MaryAnn R. Rennie (minister of Corstorphine: St. Anne’s Parish Church in Edinburgh) for the Church of Scotland’s Starters for Sunday website.

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