Jul 1, 2011

Prayers of the People: Proper 10A

The Sower, Vincent van Gogh, 1888

The seed of Your kingdom is forever being sown
into our lives, our world, O God.
But it doesn’t always take root.
Sometimes it fails to find a place to grow.

And so we pray…
For ourselves and others when life makes us hard and resistant
like a well-trodden path
where old habits, old systems and old patterns of thinking
keep your message from growing;

For ourselves and others when we become so immersed
in the short-lived, shallow, rock-hiding soil of the moment
where Your life too easily gets blown away by the wind;

For ourselves and others when our fears, insecurities,
desires and self-absorption
tangle like thorns around Your grace
and choke it into silence….(prayer continues)

—written by John van de Laar © 2008 Sacredise

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