Jul 22, 2011

Prayer of Commitment: Holding On

Marc Chagall, Jacob Wrestling with the Angel, 1963

Prayer of Commitment
(based on Genesis 32:22-31)

You have called us into a whole-hearted relationship with You.
You’ve asked us to leave behind all we possess
and live out our faith with passion and integrity.

We thank You for the deep love You have shown toward us.
Forgive us when we take our relationship with You for granted,
when we let the fire of our early commitment cool,
and allow other things to take priority in our lives.

Give us strength to hold on to You no matter what comes our way.
Give us courage to wrestle honestly with the things we don’t understand;
to continually work out our salvation with fear and trembling,
to grapple daily with what it means to faithfully follow You.

We are Your people, chosen and named by You.
Grant us Your continued blessing
and mark us with Your love,
as we seek to live as Your disciples in the world.

In the name of Jesus Christ,