Opening Prayer: Psalm 105

Here’s an opening prayer inspired by Psalm 105:1-11. Feel free to revise it to suit your context.

Opening Prayer
(based on Psalm 105:1-11)

Lord, our God,
where is there another God like You—
a God of justice and unfailing love,
who stands by every promise made to His people,
generation after generation?
There is no other.
You alone are God.

And so we gather together to worship You:
to give You thanks,
to proclaim Your greatness,
to sing Your praise,
to seek Your face,
and to celebrate Your faithful presence with us.

We pray that Your Spirit would guide and inspire our worship.
Open our mouths to sing and speak Your praise,
open our ears to hear Your Word,
open our eyes to see to You at work among us,
open our hearts to receive Your love.

We offer ourselves to You, in the name of Jesus Christ,
our Saviour and Lord.