Opening Prayer: Isaiah 44

Here’s another possible opening prayer for the fifth Sunday after Pentecost (July 17, 2011).  It’s based on the alternative Old Testament scripture passage for that day – Isaiah 44:6-8. Feel free to revise it to suit your voice.

Opening Prayer
(based on Isaiah 44:6-8)

You are the First and the Last,
our Redeemer and our Rock,
the One and only God.

We have gathered together to worship You,
to offer You our praise and thanksgiving;
to once again affirm that You are our God,
and that we are Your people,
created by You long ago for Your purposes.

Open our eyes and hearts to Your presence among us.
Through Your Word and Spirit,
challenge us to greater faithfulness and obedience,
so that we may be the people you intend,
and accomplish the work You have set out for us.

In the name of our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ, we pray.

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