Jul 31, 2011

Offering Prayer: Matthew 14:22-33

Here’s an offering prayer based on Matthew 14:22-33 (where Peter tries to walk on water like Jesus).  Feel free to revise it to suit your needs.

Prayer for the Offering
(based on Matthew 14:22-33)

Gracious God,
You call us to let go of the things we cling to
and step out in faith,
trusting in Your love and provision.

Give us courage to step out boldly,
and sufficient faith to follow without fear.

Take our lives and our gifts.
Use them to accomplish more than we could possibly imagine,
so that, through us, Your kingdom might come
and Your will be done
on earth as it is in heaven.  Amen.

Matthew 14:22-33 is one of the suggested scripture texts for August 7, 2011 (the eighth Sunday after Pentecost).  For more worship resources for this Sunday, click on Proper 14A in the list of “Labels” at the lower right side of the page. 


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