Jul 22, 2011

Confession & Assurance: Psalm 17

Here’s a prayer of confession/words of assurance based on Psalm 17:1-7, 15.  

Prayer of Confession

O Lord,
listen to our prayer of confession,
for we would speak honestly before You.

We confess that we haven’t always done what is right;
that some of our attitudes and actions have hurt others and ourselves,
and have grieved You.

Forgive us.
In Your mercy, look deeply into our hearts.
Examine our thoughts and our actions.
Test our motivations.
Bring to light all the things in our lives that dishonour You.

We want to follow You with integrity,
to obey the commandments You have given us,
and to walk in ways that bring honour to Your name.

Words of Assurance

Brothers and sister,
our God never fails to hear us when we call to him.
Trust in his forgiveness and unfailing love,
and be at peace,
for he rescues all who take refuge in Him.