Jul 15, 2011

Benediction: Psalm 105

(based on Psalm 105:4, 7-8, The Message)

As you go from here into the week ahead,
Keep your eyes open for God,
watch for His works;
be alert for signs of His presence.
For He is God—our God—
in charge of the whole earth.
And He remembers His Covenant—
for a thousand generations He’s been as good as His word.
So go with confidence and joy,
knowing that God goes with you.

Responsive Benediction
(based on Psalm 105:4-8)

Search for the Lord and for His strength;
continually seek Him.
Never forget the marvelous things He has done for His people—
the wonders and miracles we have seen and heard.
For He is our God—the ruler of the whole earth,
and we are His people,
kept secure in His faithful love.

Psalm 105 is one of the suggested scripture passages for the sixth, eighth and fourteenth Sundays after Pentecost (July 24, August 7 and September 18, 2011).  For more worship resources related to this passage, or other scripture passages for those Sundays, click on Proper 12A (July 24), Proper 14A (August 7) or Proper 20A (September 18) in the list of “Labels” at the lower right side of the page.

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