Jun 16, 2011

Prayer of Commitment: Genesis 22

  (based on Genesis 22:1-14, the sacrifice of Isaac)

Loving and Sustaining God,

You call us to obedience,

to follow you in all things;

to give up the things we cling to,

and to give ourselves wholeheartedly to your purposes.


We confess that we don’t always find this easy to do.

We confess that it is often very difficult to let go of the things we love.

But we also know that you never ask more of us than what is possible,

and that you stand ready, at all times, to sustain us,

and to provide everything we need.


Give us courage to faithfully follow your leading,

even when we cannot see the outcome,

even when the path you call us to seems impossible to comprehend.

Help us to trust you in all things,

to let go of everything that would stand in the way

of whole-hearted obedience to you.


In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray.