Pentecost Call to Worship

One:    Do not give easy or unthinking response
            to this day’s call to worship.
            For today we ask God’s Spirit to fill us,
            that we may prophesy,
            and dream dreams, and see visions.
            The call to worship today
            is a summons to be touched by holy fire.
All:      Even now the flames may dance above our heads,
One:    igniting our opinions on peacemaking
            so that they blaze into commitment.
All:      Even now the flames may be burning into our hearts,
One:    animating us,
            leaving us no peace as individuals
            until God’s justice and peace fill the earth
            as the waters fill the seas.
All:       Prophets, visionaries, dreamers!
            Let us all worship with courage and with hope!
One:    Let us worship God!

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