Opening Prayer: Proper 9A

Here’s an opening prayer based on Matthew 11:25-27, one of the lectionary texts for July 3, 2011 (Proper 9A). 

Opening Prayer
(based on Matthew 11:25-27)

Father, Lord of heaven and earth,
we gather in Your presence with thanksgiving and praise
for the way in which You have revealed Yourself to us.

Through Jesus Christ, your Son,
we have come to know and love You;
we have seen Your love and mercy in action;
we have caught a glimpse of Your heart,
and we have heard the call to follow.

Continue to reveal Yourself to us as we worship.
May Your Holy Spirit open our minds and hearts to Your presence here,
and to the word that You have for us this morning.
We long to meet You here, and to know You better.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and our Saviour.

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