Benediction for Pentecost

Get on out of here, little children,
for you and we
and all the people of the world
are God's children.

Get on your way,
brothers and sisters together,
and of all people,
because of Jesus who names and claims us all
as his beloved siblings.

Get yourself out of this sacred place,
pushed by the spirit who blows when and where she will,
making all places sacred.

Go and do some more singing and talking,
laughing and crying,
hugging and holding,
by which you are strengthened
to be tellers of truth,
bearers of justice, offerers of resistance,
so becoming part of the great cloud of witnesses.

Go also to do some sleeping and resting,
anticipating tomorrow,
which will be another Easter day
of God's wonderful surprises
and God's true successes.

Go now, people of faith.

— John Furry, a minister in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
From Sacred Seasons, Seeds of Hope Publishers.

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