Traditional Hymns & Songs for Pentecost

Here are some suggestions for traditional hymns and songs you might consider using on Pentecost Sunday (June 12, 2011).  I’ve included CCLI numbers wherever possible, as well as whatever other links I could find to lyrics, scores and audio.

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Away with our Fears, Charles Wesley CCLI 965704
Breathe on Me, Breath of God, Edwin Hatch CCLI 99481
Breathe on Me, Edwin Hatch/BB McKinney CCLI 53087 
Breathe Upon Us, Holy Spirit, Elisha Hoffman 
Channels Only (How I praise Thee), Mary Maxwell CCLI 34226
Come Down, O Love Divine, Richard Littledale CCLI 2347907 
Come, Gracious Spirit, Simon Browne CCLI 2096193 
Come, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire, Latin/John Cosin CCLI 804865 
Come, Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove, Isaac Watts CCLI 212282 
Come, Most Holy Spirit, Come, Latin/Edward Caswall CCLI 1038953
Creator Spirit, By Whose Aid, Latin/John Dryden CCLI 541166
Ev’ry Time I Feel the Spirit, Spiritual CCLI 4066217 
Fill Me Now, Elwood Stokes/John Sweney CCLI 34439 
God of the Earth, the Sky, the Sea, Samuel Longfellow, CCLI 278707 
Gracious Spirit, Dwell With Me, Thomas Lynch CCLI 354731 
Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, Christopher Wordsworth CCLI 4268699
Have Thine Own Way LordAdelaide Pollard CCLI 28225 
Holy Spirit, Ever Dwelling, Timothy Rees CCLI 3646449 
Holy Spirit, Flow through Me, Walt Mills CCLI 12774 
Holy Spirit, Hear Us, William Parker CCLI 425079 
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine, Samuel Longfellow CCLI 300431 
Joys are Flowing Like a River (Blessed Quietness), Manie P. Ferguson CCLI 3091582
Let It Breathe on Me, Magnolia Lewis-Butts 
May the Grace of Christ, John Newton CCLI 141243 
Move in our Midst, Kenneth Morse
O Breath of Life, Elizabeth Head CCLI 919080 
O Holy Spirit, By Whose Breath, Rabanus Maurus/Grant CCLI 737932
O Holy Spirit, Enter In, Michael Schirmer/Winkworth CCLI 437304 
O Spirit of Life, Johann Niedling/John Mattes
O Spirit of the Living God, Henry Tweedy CCLI 4704885
O Spirit of the Living God, James Montgomery CCLI 2087281
Open My Eyes, That I May See, Clara Scott CCLI 68003
Pentecostal Power, Charles Gabriel CCLI 65415
Revive Us Again, William Mackay CCLI 28232
Spirit Divine, Attend Our Prayers, Andrew Reed CCLI 1603838
Spirit of God, Descend Upon My Heart, George Croly CCLI 2083
Spirit, Come, Dispel Our Sadness, Paul Gerhardt/Jacobi CCLI
Travel On, Travel On, Sydney Carter

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