Psalm 23: "I Have No Shepherd"

Here is another reverse paraphrase of Psalm 23, exploring life without God. It was written by 15-year-old Anna Thompson.

Psalm 23
Reverse Paraphrase

I have no shepherd, I need a shepherd.
I am caught in the desert.
I am thirsty
and no one is telling me where to go.
I am lost and no one cares.
I am scared of evil, because I am alone.
I am the strongest thing in my life.
There is no greater or more powerful Being
to comfort or protect me.
I must be alone with my enemies,
with no one to help me.

The cup of my life and my soul
are empty and dry.
I seek after goodness and mercy
but never find it.
I have no home;
nothing is certain.

—Anna Thompson (age 15),
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