Prayer for Fathers' Day

Prayer for Father's Day

We give thanks for fathers all around the world.
Bless these men for their hard work, their caring,
for their generosity and their loyalty to their families.

We pray especially for fathers
who are struggling to care for their children
because of the economic crisis.
Fathers who have been laid off, who are looking for work,
who are in despair about keeping a secure roof over their families,
in this country and in countries around the world.

We pray, too, for fathers who cannot care for their families
because they are ill, with no health care, no health insurance;

We pray for the millions of fathers who are incarcerated,
who are immigrants, refugees or displaced persons,
who have experienced violence and are wounded, in body and soul.

You who give life and give it abundantly,
Son of our heavenly Father,
be with all fathers this day,
and grant them your grace and your healing
so they may live out their vocation as fathers
with dignity, strength, and peace. Amen

— Jane Deren, Ph.D.,
posted on the Education for Justice website.

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