Praise & Worship Songs for Fathers' Day

Here are some contemporary “Praise & Worship” songs that would be suitable to use on Fathers’ Day.  You can find all of them on the CCLI SongSelect website (if you have a license).  A number of them are also available online at

All for Love, Mia Fieldes CCLI 4455220
Be With You Forever, Kristian Stanfill CCLI 5884412
Children Of God, David Carr, Mac Powell, Mark Lee, Tai Anderson CCLI 5856024 
Faithful, Chris Tomlin CCLI 5869877
Father Let Me Dedicate, Matt Redman and friends
Father Me, Paul Oakley CCLI 4709866
Father of Lights, John Barnett CCLI 858299
Father to the Fatherless, Paul Oakley CCLI 4107138
Father Will You Come, Unhindered CCLI 5638338
Father, Blessed Father, Peter Furler CCLI 4025973
Father, Joel Houston CCLI 5807884
Find You, Brian Platt CCLI 2987996
He Knows My Name, Tommy Walker CCLI 2151368
Heart of the Father, Paul Booth CCLI 3274505
Holding On to Me, Andy Judd, Lynda Thoms CCLI 4576185 
How Deep the Father’s Love for Us, Stuart Townend CCLI 1558110
How Great, Mac Powell, Trevor Morgan CCLI 5484575
I Belong to You, Dave Bilbrough CCLI 4515957
Jesus Christ, Holy One, Nathan Fellingham CCLI 3922314
Joyful, Joyful, Casting Crowns CCLI 5574629
Needing You, Vicky Beeching, CCLI 3994737
Over Me, Chris Tomlin, Seth Walker CCLI 4822877
Sing Over Your Children, Jason Ingram, Matt Maher CCLI 5383346
That Where I Am (In my Father’s house), Rich Mullins CCLI 2587468
The Father’s Heart, Gio Galanti, Jorim Kelly CCLI 5636907
The Way That You Father Me, Eoghan Heaslip CCLI 5895669
This is Our God, Chris Tomlin, Jesse Reeves CCLI 3330810
We Are Yours, Charlie Hall CCLI 4674128
We Cry Abba, Rob Smith CCLI 4874014
Wonderful Maker, Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin CCLI 3798627

Older Praise & Worship songs:

Abba Father, Cindy Rethmeier, CCLI 1688176
Abba Father, Steve Fry CCLI 1204
Alleluia, My Father, Tim Cullen CCLI 39458
Children of the Living God, Fernando Ortega CCLI 2069618
Father God, Mike Crawford CCLI 2427748
Father Me, Brian Doerksen, Paul Janz CCLI 1425621
Father of Life, Bill Batstone, Phil Kristianson CCLI 2425221
Father, Danny Daniels CCLI 463763
Father, I (We) Adore You, Terrye Coelho CCLI 26557
Father, I Place Into Your Hands, Jenny Hewer CCLI 180297
I Stand Amazed, Paul Oakley CCLI 1083812
Lord, Listen to Your Children Praying, Ken Medema CCLI 22829
My Father’s Will, Andy Park CCLI 675874
My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me, Pauline Michael Mills, CCLI 4074
No One But You, Lord, Andy Park CCLI
O Lord, You’re Beautiful, Keith Green CCLI 14514
Our Hearts Cry, Terry Butler, CCLI 1841205
Reveal Your Father Heart to Us, Kirk Dearman, CCLI 119158
The Arms of My Father, David Chumchal CCLI 2393731
There is a Redeemer, Melody Green-Sievright CCLI 11483
Think About His Love, Walt Harrah CCLI 16299
We Are Family, Carol & Jimmy Owens CCLI 12286
Worthy of Worship, Terry York CCLI 82869
You Are My Wholeness, Salmond and Mulder 

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