Praise & Worship Songs for Ascension

If your congregation celebrates Ascension Day (June 2, 2011) or Ascension Sunday (June 5, 2011), here are some contemporary songs that would be suitable. If you have a CCLI license, you can find most of the texts (and often the music) on the CCLI website.  You might also check and elsewhere online.

Above All, Lenny LeBlanc, Paul Baloche CCLI 2672885
Agnus Dei (Alleluia) Michael W. Smith CCLI 626713
All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, Paul Baloche CCLI 2660093
All Hail, King Jesus, Dave Moody CCLI 12877
All the Earth Will Sing Your Praises, Paul Baloche CCLI 4037057
Alleluia to the King of Kings, anonymous
Arise and Sing, Sampson/Ingram/Brown CCLI 5409048
At the Name of Jesus, Cindy Berry (Phil. 2:10-11) CCLI 99467
Be Unto Your Name, Gary Sadler, Lynn DeShazo CCLI 2177476
Beautiful Savior, Stuart Townend CCLI 2492216
Before the Throne of God Above, Charitie Bancroft/Vikki Cook CCLI 2306412
Blessing and Honour, Gary Sadler, Jamie Harvill CCLI 798108
Blessing and Honour, Vicky Beeching & friends CCLI 5665002
Come, Let Us Worship Jesus, Graham Kendrick
Crown Him King of Kings, Sharon Damazio CCLI 206009
Father in Heaven, Dave Bilbrough CCLI 244463
Forever and Ever, Aaron Spiro, Charlie Peacock CCLI 4065995
Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me), Mark Hall, Michael Beaker CCLI 5638022
God is Great, Marty Sampson CCLI 3375851
He is Exalted, Twila Paris CCLI 17827
He Is Lord, Ben Fielding CCLI 5065918
His Name is Wonderful, Audrey Mieir CCLI 1122230
Holy Is Our God, Starfield CCLI 5207635
I / We Exalt Thee, Pete Sanchez, Jr. CCLI 17803
In the Lord Alone, Walt Harrah CCLI 173156
It Is You, B.J. Allmon CCLI 4915973
Jesus Is King, Wendy Churchill CCLI 56558
Jesus Is Our King, Sherrell Prebble, Howard Clark CCLI 1280
Jesus, Name Above All Names, Naida Hearn CCLI 21291
King of Kings, Sophie Conty, Naomi Batya CCLI 23952
Lamb of God, Rebecca St. James & friends CCLI 3606726
Lift Up Your Heads, Steven Fry CCLI 19777
Lord Most High, Sadler/Harris CCLI 2037688
Lord, I Lift Your Name on High, Rick Founds CCLI 117947
Majesty, Jack Hayford CCLI 1527
Marvelous, Miriam Webster CCLI 5720253
No Other Name, Robert Gay CCLI 141793
Open the Eyes of My Heart, Paul Baloche CCLI 2298355
You Are Holy (Prince of Peace), Marc Imboden CCLI 2332149
Reign in Us, Starfield CCLI 5207587
Savior of the World, Cantelon/Spiro/Peacock CCLI 5742169
Shine, Jesus, Shine, Graham Kendrick CCLI 30426
Shout to the North, Martin Smith CCLI 1562261
Sing to the King, Billy Foote CCLI 4010902
Sinless Savior, Aaron Keyes CCLI 5207587
Stronger, Reuben Morgan, Ben Fielding CCLI 5060810
Let Us Adore (The Heavens Declare), Reuben Morgan CCLI 4437846
There is a Redeemer, Melody Green CCLI 11483
Uncreated One, J.D. Walt, Chris Tomlin CCLI 4822516
We Crown You, Steve Fee, Eddie Kirkland CCLI 5625767
We Cry Out, Jeremy Camp, Brenton Brown CCLI 5808845
We Fall Down, Chris Tomlin CCLI 2437367
We Will Glorify, Twila Paris CCLI 19038
We Will See Him, Reuben Morgan, Robert Fergusson CCLI 5409048
You Are Crowned with Many Crowns, John Sellers CCLI 14411
You Are Lord, anonymous
You Are My King (Amazing Love), Billy Foote CCLI 2456623
You Are the King Who Reigns, David Boyd CCLI 97452
You Reign, Millard/Graul/Curtis Chapman 2 CCLI 5138293
You’re Worthy of My Praise, (I will worship), David Ruis CCLI 487976

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