Call to Worship & Prayer

We gather in this place,
some empty, some filled,
some whole, some broken:
yearning for the Holy Spirit to fill us.
We come, with these ordinary people,
who have shown us the way:
trusting that God will continue
to illumine our hearts.
We surround the Table of grace
so we might be fed by the Bread of life:
that graced, we may serve others;
that healed, we may bring hope to the world.

Exalted God,
you are the constant lover
who never forsakes us;
you are the mother
who cradles her children,
you are the teacher
patiently repeating your words for us.
We worship you.

Jesus Christ,
in you we are convinced
God loves us;
through you,
we are formed
into your people;
with you,
we serve those
the world has forgotten.
We follow you.

Holy Spirit,
you are the power
that gives us peace;
you are the wisdom
that reveals the broken
in our midst;
you are the spokesperson
to whom we are deaf.
We welcome you.

God in Community, Holy in One,
we lift our prayers to you
as Jesus taught us, saying,
Our Father…

—Thom Shuman, posted on his blog, Lectionary Liturgies.
See his website for more great worship resources.