Call to Worship for Fathers' Day

Here are a number of scripturally-based calls to worship for Fathers’ Day (June 19, 2011), based on a variety of different scripture texts. Feel free to adapt them to suit your local context.

Father’s Day Call to Worship 1
(based on Psalm 68:4-5, 19)

Come, sing praises to God!
Rejoice in his presence!
For he is our God:
a Father to the fatherless,
and the defender of all who need protection;
the One in whom the lonely find a home,
and the prisoner finds release.
Bless the Lord,
the God of our salvation,
who sustains and strengthens us,
day after day!
Let’s worship God together!

Father’s Day Call to Worship 2
(from Psalm 68:4-5, New Living Translation)

Sing praises to God, and to his name!
Shout joyfully to him who rides the clouds.
Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—
this is God, whose dwelling is holy.

Father’s Day Call to Worship 3
(based on Isaiah 63)

I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love.
I will praise God for all that he has done—
his great goodness to his people,
and his many acts of faithful love.
For he is our Father,
our Redeemer from ages past.

Father’s Day Call to Worship 4
(based on Psalm 103)

Come, bless the Lord with me!
For the Lord is like a father to his children
compassionate and merciful,
filled with endless love.
He forgives our sins,
and heals the sickness inside us;
he surrounds us with love and mercy
and fills our lives with good things!
Let’s worship God together!

Father’s Day Call to Worship 5
(based on Jeremiah 31)

Shout for joy to the Lord, our God,
who loves us with an everlasting love,
as a father loves his children;
who gathers us together from the north and the south,
the east and the west;
who leads us beside quiet streams,
and shows us the way we should go.

Fathers’ Day Call to Worship 6
(based on Psalm 103, Psalms Now)

Shout God’s praises,
you who are God’s children
and you who serve as his ministers and priests.
This is no time for despair and discouragement.
Whoever and wherever you are,
lift your hearts in praise to God!

—based on Leslie Brandt’s paraphrase of Psalm 103 in Psalms Now.

Father’s Day Call to Worship 7
(based on John 4:23)

The time is coming
—indeed, it is already here—
when true worshippers will worship the Father
in spirit and in truth. 
These are the worshippers the Father wants!

Father’s Day Call to Worship 8
(based on John 4:21-24, The Voice)

Listen to the words of Jesus:
“A new day is coming
—in fact, it’s already here—
when the importance will not be placed
on the time and place of worship
but on the truthful hearts of worshipers.
The Father is spirit,
and he is seeking followers
whose worship is sourced in truth
and deeply spiritual as well.
If you do not seek the Father,
then you do not worship.”