Ascension: Prayers of the People

Ascension, Kiko Arguello

You are free, Lord,
your Ascension has set you free:
free from the constraints of human existence,
outside the limitations of time and space;
free to be here with us now,
in our worship and fellowship;
and free to be with us always;
for in your freedom
you have bound yourself to us with a promise:
“Lo! I am with you always
even to the very end of time.”

We pray, Lord, for those
who need to feel you close,
who need the assurance of your love,
the encouragement of your Spirit. [Silence]

We pray for those who are persecuted,
who are discriminated against,
who are mocked because of their faith or race or colour. [Silence]

We pray for those who are imprisoned,
who are tortured,
who are exiled,
because they have fought, struggled and spoken out
for the rights of their people. [Silence]

We pray for those who are destitute,
who are hungry,
who are refugees,
because of the selfishness and apathy of the world. [Silence]

We pray for those who are filled with guilt,
who are broken-hearted,
who are perplexed,
because a relationship has gone wrong. [Silence]

We pray for those who are feeling fed up,
who are in discomfort,
who are afraid, 
because they are ill in body, mind or spirit. [Silence]

We pray for those who are numbed,
who are angry,
who are desolate,
because they have been bereaved. [Silence]

We pray for those caught up in war,
and violence,
and hatred;
especially the innocent victims of these evils. [Silence]

We pray at this time of financial turmoil,
for those who have lost jobs,
those who struggle to pay bills,
and those who have the power to affect positive change. [Silence]

Be with us all, Lord:
in all our daily struggles as we seek to follow you.
Be with us all, Lord:
in our periods of doubt and despair;
and in our times of happiness, health and loving.
Be with us all, Lord:
until that time
when in your in your Kingdom of Love
our joy will know no end: AMEN

—printed on Starters for Sunday, on the Church of Scotland website. 
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