Apr 19, 2011

Easter Prayer of Petition

Prayer of Petition for Easter

Just like your disciples long ago,
we peer into the tombs of our hearts.

So many things fill our inner tombs—
broken relationships,
failed attempts at self-improvement,
missed opportunities,
debilitating grief.

Lord, some pieces of ourselves feel
like they have been dead forever
and other things so affect our living that although we breathe,
we feel dead within.
We lift up to you all that is within us.

When those who came to Your tomb looked within,
they found two men in dazzling clothes,
but couldn’t find you.

So often we too go through difficult times and can’t find you.
Perhaps we, too, are looking in the wrong places.

You are always with us,
but often in ways that defy our expectations.
Just as the tomb couldn’t limit You,
neither can we.

Open our minds, ears, eyes, and hearts
to all the ways that you dwell in our midst.

Lord, there is no tomb that You can not break through,
including the tombs in our hearts.
May we experience Your resurrection this year,
inside out.

May we experience life in places that we thought were dead.

May we experience Your reconciliation in relationships
that we thought were damaged forever.

May we find Your peace in things that once gave us anxiety.

May we experience healing in the places
that have been hurting for too long.

May we see your presence in all the times
that we always thought we were alone.

As we celebrate the empty tomb,
we rejoice that death does not have the final victory,
but rather that life, love, and goodness prevail.

Lord, break open our lives to receive
all the love, forgiveness and freedom that You so freely give.

May we allow Your resurrection make a difference in how we live.
May we forever live in hope of all that is yet to be.

Amy Aspey, Associate Minister at Trinity United Methodist Church
in Columbus, Ohio,
posted on Kevin Holtsberry’s Notes on a life website.

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