Easter Call to Worship Litany

Leader:          When the tomb looms large before our eyes,
                        remind us, Lord, who we are:

People:          We are children of the resurrection;
                        the place of death will not hold us.

Leader:          We are the painters of the rainbows;
                        the shadow of death will not daunt us.

People:          We are the breakers of loaves and fishes;
                        the taste of death will not defile us.

Leader:          We are the raisers of the dead;
                        the power of death will not defy us.

People:          We are the people of Pentecost;
                        the spirit of death will not destroy us!

ALL:                God is our refuge and our strength.
                        We gather in the power and sure promise of resurrection. 

—from Phyllis Cole and Everett Tilson, Litanies and Other Prayers, Year C,
adapted by the Rev. Dixie Brachlow, Ashland Presbyterian Church, Ashland, VA, and posted on the text this week

Litanies and Other Prayers, Year C is available at Amazon and elsewhere. 

This litany could easily be adapted for use at the close of worship.  Simply change the word gather in the last line to go:  "We go in the power and sure promise of resurrection."

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