Sep 11, 2017

Prayer: God's Imagination

Here’s a prayer from Rachel Hackenberg’s website. It references numerous scripture passages, but perhaps especially Isaiah 25, Isaiah 55 and Psalm 98?

God’s Imagination

How is it within you, O God,
to imagine land flowing with milk and honey,
bright rivers spilling over with satisfying life
to make harvests abundant
and people glad to no longer know thirst?

How is it, O God,
that your holy imagination and your living heart
can conceive of a someday without hunger,
without tears,
without people lost and walking alone;
of a by-and-by in which nations no longer war,
when violence is the stuff of fiction
and hate fades like a nightmare at dawn?

How is it, dear God Most High,
that you can conceive of hills rising up in standing ovations,
mountains shaking their stodgy shoulders with deep laughter,
trees picking up their rooted skirts to join the eternal dance?

But most of all, O God of all creation,
O Christ who lived among us,
blessed Spirit who burns within us,
how is it at all possible
that you believe we are capable
of participating in imagination and grace with you?

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on rachel g. hackenberg.