Dec 12, 2016

Prayer Reflection: Do Not Be Afraid

Many times in the Bible, God-followers are exhorted to “not be afraid.” Here’s an interesting reflection on that truth by Rachel Hackenberg. It was posted on her website (see below for a link).

Do Not Be Afraid

We should be afraid, of course,
to be so near to God.

We should be startled by the glory of God
and the disruption of angels.

We should be freaked. out. that God even blinks
in our direction, let alone that God dares us
to walk a new path just to see what
God can do with life.

“Do not be afraid; have a child.”
“Do not be afraid; leave your home.”
“Do not be afraid; give up your reputation.”
“Do not be afraid; press on through hardship.”
“Do not be afraid; face a powerful enemy.”

be afraid.
Be totally overwhelmed.
Be stunned and terrified, in fact,
but here’s the critical part:

be near to God

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on Rachel G Hackenberg.