Feb 14, 2016

Call to Worship: Genesis 15

Here’s a call to worship inspired by Abraham’s encounter with God recorded in Genesis 15: 1-18.  It comes from the Reformed Worship website.


Call to Worship

(inspired by Genesis 15: 1-18)

Let us worship the eternal God,
who is ever-faithful, in whom we can trust.
Let us worship Jesus Christ,
who takes our burdens from us and lives among us.
Let us worship the Holy Spirit,
the Living Presence, who teaches us to be trustworthy.
To the one true God be praise in all times and places,

through the grace of Jesus Christ. Amen.

~ from “Great Stories from Genesis: An Eight-Week Series with Artwork” by Victoria Cok. Posted on Reformed Worship. http://www.reformedworship.org/article/march-2013/great-stories-genesis