Jan 4, 2016

Prayer: Isaiah 43: 2

Here’s a prayer of commitment (or benediction? call to worship?) inspired by Isaiah 43:2, the Old Testament reading for the first Sunday after Epiphany (Baptism of the Lord).  It was written by Rachel Hackenberg.

(inspired by Isaiah 43:2)

This day,
this step,
this path:

you have set me here
so then here I will walk
at my best, to your glory.

Let the storms wash my soul clean,
let the fires be harnessed for warmth,
let the raging river inspire passion not fear

For the LORD is with me as I pass through the waters.
By God’s mercy, the river shall not overwhelm me.
Even in the reckless fires, I will not be consumed.

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on Rachel G Hackenberg. http://rachelhackenberg.com/blog/