Jan 12, 2016

Closing Responses: Isaiah 62

Here is a closing litany inspired by Isaiah 62.  It comes from Reformed Worship (see link below).

Response of Thanksgiving: A New Name
(inspired by Isaiah 62)

Through the work of Jesus Christ,
we belong to him.
Through Jesus’ work on the cross,
God gave us a new name.

Let us discover anew and accept with new assurance
that we are who God says we are—
holy and redeemed people who belong to him.
Thank you, our Father,
for changing our name.
We shall no longer be called Wounded,
Outcast, Lonely, or Afraid.
Our new name shall be The Holy People,
the Redeemed of the Lord,
Sought After,
the City No Longer Deserted.

People of God,
let us take up our new name with new confidence
to live this year as the people of God we are called to be,
so that we may indeed be “Sought After.”
May others seek God’s face
because of us in this coming year.