Nov 9, 2015

Prayer of Gratitude

Here’s a prayer of thanksgiving from Rev. Kathy Jo Blaske.  It was posted on the website of the Reformed Church in America.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Generous God,
for the abundance of your blessings to us,
day by day and year by year,
we give you our thanks.

For the simple pleasures of life:
for garden harvests,
coffee conversation,
and familiar surroundings,
for health and strength to appreciate the wonder of life,
for needs met and desires fulfilled,
we give you our thanks.

For food to nourish body and spirit,
for homes which supply shelter,
which nurture order and beauty,
and offer hospitality,
we give you our thanks.

With gifts of money which reach farther
than we can manage ourselves,
with deeds done in service of neighbor and stranger,
with family and friends distant and nearby,
we worship you, God,
with grateful hearts and joyful spirit.
Alleluia. Amen.

~ excerpted from a longer prayer by Rev. Kathy Jo Blaske, copyright © 2012 Reformed Church Press.  Posted on the Reformed Church in America website.