Mar 15, 2015

Prayer for the Fifth Sunday in Lent

Here’s a prayer for the fifth Sunday in Lent, written by Rachel Hackenberg.  It was posted on RevGalBlogPals.

Prayer for Lent 5

Restore us, O Living God, by the breath of your Spirit.
We are wilted and weary on this journey toward Easter,
anxious for Restoration to come once and for all.

Hear our voices crying out amidst the ashes,
where we hide to wait for a new day. Ah, but let us not
be bound to the earth by our weariness and tears,
but rather swirled about and lifted up by
the wonder of your life within us!

Revive us, O LORD!
There are palms to wave and crosses to carry and Easter eggs to find!
There is praise to give and work to be done and surprising life to nurture!

No matter our tired bones, you are not finished.
By your goodness and grace, we are not finished!

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg.  Posted on RevGalBlogPals.