Jul 6, 2014

Prayer: Sheer Silence

Here’s a prayer inspired by Elijah’s encounter with God in 1 Kings 19.  It was written by Rachel Hackenberg.

(inspired by 1 Kings 19: 9-13)

Hear the silence in my heart, Most Holy,
the reverberating sound of “I don’t know.”

Do not call me from this cave
or tease my heart with angels,
for I am determined to rest.

The familiar has become foreign to my soul
and home is a bitter dream without roots.

Do not ask what I am doing
or press me for a vision,
for my soul is lost.

Choose another, or call me to battle,
so that I might find my way again.

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on Rachel G Hackenberg. http://rachelhackenberg.com/blog/