Jun 2, 2014

Opening Prayer: Rush Upon Us

Here is a prayer of invocation for the presence of the Holy Spirit from Rachel Hackenberg. It was posted on the RevGalBlogPals website.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit

Rush upon us.
Overtake and consume us,
O Holy Fire,
until divisions turn to dusty ashes
and walls of pride collapse.

Spill out over us.
Surround and overwhelm us,
O Satisfying Fountain,
until we waste love’s richness
without measuring cost.

Dance among us.
Well up and erupt within us,
O Dynamic Word,
until our tongues know words of peace
and our souls speak reconciliation.

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on RevGalBlogPals. http://revgalblogpals.org/author/rachelhackenberg/