May 26, 2014

Prayer of Confession: Ascension

Here’s a prayer of confession for Ascension Day or Ascension Sunday.  It was posted on the Reformed Worship journal.

Call to Confession

While we claim to celebrate the ascension of our Lord,
the way we live proclaims our lack of faith
in his power to deal with the world.
Let us confess the incongruity between our faith and practice.
Let us pray.

Prayer of Confession

We come, O Lord, on this day of glory to confess our lack of trust.
While we sing of your lordship over all creation,
we have too often acted as though you are powerless
in the face of today’s events.
Help us to live with confidence in your presence today
and in hope for life with you forever. Amen.

~ in Ascension: With a Shout, posted on Reformed Worship journal website.