Mar 30, 2014

Prayer Reflection for Good Friday: Save Yourself!

Here’s a prayer reflection for Good Friday from Rachel Hackenberg.  It was posted on her blog (see below for link).

Prayer Reflection for Good Friday
(inspired by Mark 15:30, Luke 23:39)

I wonder, Jesus,
that you did not save yourself;
not so much from the cross,
from pain or from death
– although the terror and agony
of those certainly call out
for liberation –
but I wonder
that you did not
save yourself
from us:
from our mob mentality,
from our voyeuristic thrill of abusing flesh,
from our violent fear
and our rebellion.
Forty years in the wilderness didn’t teach us.
Prophets and war couldn’t deter us.
The miracles of the Son of Man
couldn’t sway us
from making
gold idols of our egos
or clawing at the earth for ownership.
I wonder that you didn’t see
that we cannot be saved,
and save yourself
(save God)

~ written by Rachel Hackenberg, and posted on Rachel G Hackenberg.