Jan 14, 2012

Prayer of Confession: 1 Samuel 3

Here’s a prayer of confession based on 1 Samuel 3.  It was written by Rev. Teri Peterson of the Ridgefield-Crystal Lake Presbyterian Church in Crystal Lake IL.

Prayer of Confession
(based on 1 Samuel 3)

Lord, you call,
but we do not always recognize your voice.
Sometimes we don’t listen carefully.
Sometimes we’re caught off guard.

Lord, you call,
but we haven’t always taught others to hear you.
Sometimes we stand in the way,
allowing our voice to ring out over yours.

Lord, you call,
but we don’t always believe our ears.
Sometimes we believe we know better.
Sometimes we think you can’t possibly be calling us,
or her, or him.

Forgive us, Lord, our unpracticed listening,
our closed ears.
Help us to hear.

— written by Rev. Teri Peterson.  Posted on the LiturgyLink website.