Sep 11, 2011

Act of Confession: Proper 20A

Prayer of Confession
(based on Philippians 1: 21-30, Matthew 20: 1-16)

God of fruitful labor,
work sometimes brings out the worst in us.
At home, at school, in the workplace,
even in our relationship with you,
we too easily question what others do and get,
instead of taking care of our own business.
Take away our bitterness.
Teach us the art of the careful complaint.
Give us grateful hearts, we pray. Amen.

Words of Assurance
(based on Exodus 16: 2-15, Philippians 1: 21-30)

Hear the good news:
what we do matters,
but our salvation is God's doing.
God hears our complaints,
but also our prayers.
God will not forget us.In Christ's name, we are forgiven. Amen.

—from the Ministry Matters website.

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